Monday, September 6, 2010

Some Slight Changes To The Blog

Just a couple of things:

* At the end of each post, I've added links to IMDB for each movie, as well as and Netflix when feasible. Not all of them are equally available, but I'll add caveats and alternate information (e.g., release dates) where I can.

Just a warning: IMDB entries will sometimes spoil things more than I try to. Also, don't read the message board for any film on IMDB unless you want your eyes to boil out of your head Raiders Of The Lost Ark style.

* I'm also going to implement a tag system that is intended to straddle the line between useful for narrowing down posts into sub-categories and attempts at amusing designations that will help what I'm viewing as sometimes overly serious and high-minded writing on my part. Although they don't update as much as they used to, I've always thought Metal Inquisition had the right idea about tags: They should categorize stuff and be funny enough on their own that a list of them is fun to read.

Thanks for reading and for the feedback - it's much appreciated.


  1. How do you do tags? I am still new to the blogging thing and could use some help on my own blog, The Faded Line.

  2. I wanted to email the author of this site directly, but found no way to do so. And so I am hoping to convey my message to Mr. Cliff Evans through this "Post a Comment" section.
    I really enjoy reading your critical analysis of these films, and it has certainly expanded my own horizons regarding underground film So I must say THANK YOU! and keep up the intelligent analyses, Thanks Again -

  3. Thanks, Anonymous - I appreciate it!