Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Well, Howdy.

I'd like to take a minute to say hello to the folks who've come over and checked out this thing of mine via the Film Club feature over at Final Girl, (as well as anyone else who has clicked through to here from someone elses' blog). Here are a few other posts you might give a look to - these are either ones that seem to be popular or that I just think came out like I wanted them to. Thanks for coming by!




Srpski Film (A Serbian Film)

On Sequels, and the Narrative Problem of the Franchise (commentary)

On Torture Porn (commentary)

The Difference Between Horror Movies and Thrillers (commentary)

I also apologize for the relative quiet lately - right in the middle of writing my next post (and sketching out another long one) I got waylaid by a cold and spent most of my free time asleep. More coming soon.


  1. No man, thanks to you. I think the first time I landed on your site was for The Human Centipede review and I instantly bookmarked your page. Good reading material, indeed.

  2. Cliff Evans, you are the man!

  3. Anonymous, you are also the man!

    Or maybe the woman?